"I'm preparing for a round the world trip and your product is the perfect solution to the land anchor issue on all counts. It works in sand and light in weight, fantastic combination compared to my 35kg British Army issue land anchor. Thanks".
Michael. Cheshire, UK

"Great feature in NZ4WD magazine. Simple ideas such as this will always sell well".
Dave. New Plymouth.

"Just to let you know I have well and truly tested my Lan-cor ground anchor, 3 hrs of winching to get off a beach, held every time. Any one who is serious about going off road should own one. Great piece of kit".
David. Upper Hutt, New Zealand

"I found Lan-cor, searching in Google for a land anchor for my 4WD. I saw many models, like Pull-Pal and ARB, but they are too big and heavy to carry in my Grand Vitara. Here in Argentina is impossible to find a good land anchor."
Gaston, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"As per how these things go, since we have had it we have not been bogged. We have trialed it and it works, and others have borrowed it. The sand is finer here in Western Australia but you just wind it in deeper as per your video. We are very happy with it and I will try to get my friends to supply a photo of the recovery in action."
Colin, Western Australia

“We thought that you’d like to know - on a recent trip in the coastal sand dunes near Perth we decided to give our recently purchased Lan-cor Ground Anchor a test. We chose a dune with a slope of approximately 25 degrees. The sand was medium soft and slightly damp. The vehicle used was a Mitsubishi Pajero NP 2005 model weighing approx. 2.4 Tonne which was bogged completely and resting on its protection plates. The Lan-cor anchor was relatively easy to establish in this type of sand and was sunk to approximately ¾ of the way up the shaft. Distance to the vehicle was around 25m. I think we were all surprised to see the vehicle winch straight up the dune with no movement of the anchor at all – very impressive.''

Thanks for a great product, and highly recommended!
Ian, Western Australia


I’ve seen many other anchors that just don’t work. We’ve tested your anchor with a 200 series and a Prado 150 series. I pumped the tires up to 35psi, backed the Prado into water at the beach, got it bogged and then tested the anchor with the winch. Held up amazingly. I had the 200 series on standby just in case.

Alex, Western Australia

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